Sunday, May 29, 2011



Remember the 2 Hour Rule

Recently a very dear friend of mine kept calling and filling me in on the progress of his soup creation.  He was pleased and I was OH so proud of him and his turkey and vegetable combination.  Since he got started late in the day, he decided it would be for the next day’s meal.  Let those flavors marry!

I did hear from him again the next day.  He had turned the crock pot off and it sat on the counter all through the night.  He proudly told me it was still a bit warm that morning (hmmm can you count the growing bacteria?).  He continued to let it sit out while he went to work.  No worries, it would be fine?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be aware of the 2 hour rule.  I’ve been with more people that seem to be oblivious of this food safety principle.  This is one of the first rules we taught our culinary students.  When you let food out more than two hours YOU NEED to doubt its safety…”when in doubt, throw it out”.

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