Friday, November 18, 2011


This an oldie but certainly worth a watch if you've missed it. 

British activists Helen and Dave made the following below listed claims against the giant McDonalds:

  • is complicit in Third World starvation;

  • buys from greedy rulers and elites and practices economic imperialism;

  • wastes vast quantities of grain and water;

  • destroys rainforests with poisons and colonial invasions;

  • sells unhealthy, addictive junk food;

  • alters its food with artificial chemistry;

  • exploits children with its advertising;

  • is responsible for torture and murder of animals;

  • poisons customers with contaminated meat;

  • exploits its workers and bans unions;

  • hides its malfeasance

  • What ensued was a more than a 10 yr. battle and the trial of the century as McDonald waged an epic attack.

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