Tuesday, January 24, 2012


wafer thin and extra crisp

nice size for appetizers

While visiting with friends in Tampa, I was introduced to a great new cracker.  I searched to find these crispy little gems only to find them nearby in Publix AND everywhere via the net. 

This Denver, CO company, 34 degrees, bills this cracker as "flat out" good.  I buy the whole wheat version (4 others are available)  and love making breakfast sandwiches with two crackers surrounding almond butter and nutella.  YUM!  The company suggests Cheddar and Gouda, nut butters and also sliced avocado and sea salt.  Whatever you choose, these thin and crisp crackers are totally addictive.

Check out the other flavors and serving ideas at their web site.


THE BEST NEWS:  9 crackers adds up to a mere 35 calories.  0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 7 grams carbs,
1 gram fiber, 0 sugars, 1 gram protein

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