Wednesday, March 28, 2012


my delicious sandwich from SHEETZ

Good luck being on the road and trying to eat ANYTHING the least bit healthy. (I am totally bored with lunch packing.)   It's an immense challenge.  I've finally narrowed my preferences down to three possibilities IF you can locate them.  This is where the map finder on the IPhone comes in very handy. 

Ruby Tuesdays - great salad bar with umpteen choices / recently I've noticed that the choices are decreasing.  It seems the public are going for the "unhealthy" options.

Chilies - the black bean burger has always been a favorite of mine.  I add the whole wheat bun, skip the cheese, choose the coleslaw over the fries and then splurge on onion strings and blue cheese dressing.  This burger is delicious. 

Sheetz - my new favorite /  made to order food / using one of the many computer screens, YOU design your own sandwich.  There are some good healthy options, including whole wheat bread.  I particularly love the black olives!  Next maybe they'll add some soy cheese.

Upon checking out I was informed of the member's card.  By signing up for a FREE members' card, drinks and food ( I think gasoline too) are discounted.  This is a must for travelers.

check it out:


Charlene said...

you can tell you are now living in the South. Being that Sheetz is from Altoona, we've been enjoying the "benefits" of MTO and discount on gas, sandwiches, etc. There MTO salads are quite good as well. Yea for Sheetz.

Deborah N said...

Good to know Charlene AND here I thought it was JUST a teenage hangout!