Wednesday, March 7, 2012

THE BEST vacation you'll ever take!!!

...held by the North American Vegetarian Society

One of my most memorable vacations, many years ago,  was my solo attendance at the annual Summerfest / Vegetarian Convention.  I experienced FIVE blissful days in Johnstown, PA, attending lectures, cooking demos, animal rights seminars, socials, etc. and eating fabulous VEGAN meals prepared by Chef Bergeron.  For me personally, this conference provided much information and the tools to tweak my own eating habits.  This is an awe inspiring, life changing experience.

This years FEST planning is well under way.   Numerous guest speakers will attend and yes, Chef Bergeron is once again the resident chef.  Reservations are being taken for the full 5 days OR weekend attendance.  Don't miss this opportunity to attend this event.   It WILL change your life.

Check out their web information:

Sample of the 2011 Vegetarian Summerfest Menu:

Speakers too numerous to count:

An article by Chef Bergeron, including recipes:

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