Saturday, November 3, 2012


a classic caesar salad with calamari
served with a dipping sauce and lightly sprinkled with cheese
If you're lucky enough to get to Florida in the near future, be sure to visit this fun dockside restaurant and pub - MAR VISTA.  Located on Longboat Key, not far from Sarasota on the gulf side; this restaurant is quickly becoming one of my favorites. 
As a pesco-vegetarian, I will on occasion eat seafood (less and less now-a-days).  BUT when I feel the urge, the calamari at Mar Vista is a must.  It's the lightest batter I've ever tasted.  Supurb.  I expecially like to share the order with a friend and put my half atop a caesar salad.  For me, this is the perfect luck dockside. 
This restaurant also offers a very unique drink called the MARGARONA, a combination of Corona beer and house margarita, hence the margarona!  The beer sits upside down in the drink and slowly seeps in as liquid is displaced. 
good service and a margarona
I so wish I liked beer.  Maybe next time?
a happy customer!



How is this "vegetarian"? The title of your blog is very misleading.... "Pescetarian Food Quest" would perhaps better encapsulate your blog. Maybe try complete veganism; as opposed to copping out with other cruelty-laden recipes under the guise of being vegetarian. Uncool.
Happy holidays....

Deborah N said...

I am a vegetarian, NOT a vegan. My quest is centered around the love of nutrition , not animal issues. Pescetarians are vegetarian, one of many on the spectrum. Please respect my opinions as I do yours. As it turns out, many of my recipes are vegan. Peruse them, skip the offensive ones. Enjoy the excellent ones. I highly recommend my tuna-less salad and my vegan Alfredo sauce, a fabulous dish. Also don't overlook my many recipes featuring my home grown greens. Organic I might add!
Happy Holidays!


Hi Miss N-
I can understand your typical- and I use that term in the least offensive way possible- lack of benevolence towards "animal issues"; it's a societal standard. However, if you are serious about healthful nutrition, I implore you to further evaluate your dietary habits. To quote Dr. Neal Barnard, President of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine--
"There are several significant health gains for people following a 100% plant-based diet. First, a vegan diet is heart-healthy. Because there is no animal fat, there is no cholesterol. A second advantage is that a vegan diet eliminates casein, the dairy protein which is found in milk. Casein is a common trigger for rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain. People often find that their pain disappears when they refrain from eating dairy products. A third advantage of the vegan diet is that the food has a high fiber and vitamin content which helps people who are overweight to drop the extra pounds and lower their blood pressure." Additionally "Studies suggest that free radicals [toxic molecules that form in the body] contribute to aging. A vegan diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, is full of antioxidants which help protect the body from damage by free radicals." To conclude, I do very much respect you, your blog and certainly your opinions and I appreciate the reciprocation. My comment(s) were merely to incite an informative dialogue; in which I feel we both succeeded. Thanks for a cool blog. PLEASE HAVE A SAFE AND MERRY X-MAS!!!