Monday, December 3, 2012


spinach beautiful spinach

soooooooo EARLY in this winter season I planted my spinach.  I used a very reliable seed source, Burpees.  Luckily, I didn't plant all of the seeds and saved the packet.  Who knew I'd have to document my Burpees Garden Mishap. 

So I waited and waited.  Eventually the seeds started to germinate.  I dutifully weeded out every few inches, allowing the strong to survive and thrive.  I kept waiting for this crop to actually look like the spinach I know and love....hmmmmmm, something was just SO wrong.

Finally as this crop really took hold and continued to inch up, it took on a very strange appearance.  I finally recognized the smell...HEY, wait this doesn't smell like spinach.  It did, however, smell like something I had grown once upon a time...

CILANTRO!!!  oops

The bottom line is that yes, folks, even Burpees can make a mistake.  The bad news is, it required me sending a picture of the packet, product and lot numbers, AND a picture of the crop to get my $1.00 initial cost refunded (yes, I can be tenacious).  Gee Burpees, can you afford it???  Guess I'll be driving to the grocery to pick up my spinach this winter.

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