Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The First Food Day has been set for this coming Monday in the hopes of promoting healthier eating in the United States.  This is the latest effort by the Center for Science to help educate the public.  Check your area for many local events being held.

Meanwhile, in the interest of educating, a list of the 10 worst and best foods have been published.  Check them out.


one example from the worst food choice list

"People don’t expect light desserts at The Cheesecake Factory. But the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake kicks things up a notch. If it weren’t served on its side, this one would stand over six inches tall. And upright or not, the slab of cake still weighs in at three-quarters of a pound. What do you get for all that heft? Just 1,760 calories and 2½ days’ worth of saturated fat (50 grams), mostly from chocolate, sugar, cream, white flour, and butter."

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Nutrition Action Healthletter is a wonderful newsletter that keeps the public informed with the latest safety and nutrition news.  Check it out:


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