Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Much needed HIATUS

YEP, I'm taking a much needed hiatus from blogging.  Cooking?  NO!  Posting and social media?  A definite YES!  

And even after I decided to stop this madness, I prepared and consumed both Vegetable Coconut Korma and Tempeh Coconut Sticks, served with a dipping sauce.  Both were great!  My cooking will never stop.  I love food experimentation and eating my way through my "flavor of the day".  I look forward to travel and eating the healthy local foods, often a challenge.  Bring it on!

This is a well deserved tech break.  Who knows whats next? I think of it as recharging my batteries.  Peruse my blog, recreate the recipes, leave comments.  Enjoy the foods...eventually I'll be back.

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