Sunday, March 10, 2013

GO Charleston! BEST EATS

YEP, recovering from the head injury...basically except for a few lingering difficulties...I'M BACK and so is this blog.  

The hospital culinary experience was a true nightmare.  PLEASE hospital, which shall remain nameless, when and IF I ever return, PLEASE PLEASE serve me some nutritious food.  I wanna get better! Lemon sorbet, grape juice and ice cream are NOT what my body craves.  When I did receive some vegetables, once, they were straight from the freezer and all mushy and soft, NO color, NO texture. 

SOOOO now I'm home in SC and eating very well.  I was thrilled to read the article below.  AHHH Charleston, what a great place to eat and live!

  • 7 U.S. cities that boast a bright culinary future

  • Nashville, Tenn., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Charleston, S.C., are just a few cities that have been pegged as the next sites of significant culinary development in the U.S. "Fifteen years ago when I got here, there wasn't a local food movement at all. What jump-started Charleston is that we have a very savvy clientele that includes many tourists -- their tastes were a little more sophisticated," chef Mike Lata said. "Couple that with the resources that we have -- we have the local seafood, and we have a really long growing season farmwise. It was really easy to provide an authentic dining experience based on what we could find locally."Zagat

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