Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A token veggie burger...

I was so surprised to finally find a great sounding veggie burger at a local establishment, the Charleston Burger Company.  Stoked by the thought of a veggie burger, three of us marched in and attempted to place our "orderly order" in the most unorderly of establishments. 

Proper training of the hired help is oh so helpful.  The young lady, sweet as she was, was oblivious to the concept of "fake" meat.  It was disastrous from the word GO. 

There were a few major flaws at this fledgling establishment:

1.  When entering, it's impossible to quickly figure out the system of ordering.

2.  The menu is difficult at best.

3.  The food is horrendously large in portions, perhaps a turn on for some, not for me!

4.  The delivered product was NOT what I ordered but double what I wanted or could ever conceive of eating.

5.  I was over-charged and given a refund from the TIP CHARGE.  Are you kidding me???

6.  I was able to substitute the fries for coleslaw.  Why was I given the 3 tiny plastic containers instead of one of normal size.  Sure hope they are recycling.

7.  It was assumed that I could eat this gigantic "burger" with the cheapest plastic ware known to mankind.  WHO KNEW?

8.  While the register help was as cordial as can be imagined; the apparent manager (big guy in charge) was totally uncooperative and ineffective.  He needs a better attitude and more thorough training of the HELP.

9. Did I mention the price?  The ads for this restaurant give the price a one star.  NO WAY!  I spent $24 for 2 veggie burgers, was given a refund of $2.00 and drank water as my beverage.  Something is very very wrong here.

10.  The veggie burger option offers WHITE rolls, sesame kaiser OR brioche bun.  Can't we please add whole wheat???

11.  Lastly, there is a bet riding on the closing date of this establishment.  WHY is BIGGER always considered BETTER?  Have you been following the news updates on OBESITY?

the real deal BEEF (7 oz. chuck Angus)
this order served with chips
(I must admit they did look delicious)

my deconstructed veggie burger / these are all the parts I couldn't eat

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