Monday, September 5, 2011


start with a good whole wheat pancake mix, I prefer Hodgson Mill

I occasionally LOVE to indulge in a good pancake.  Try taking them to the next level.  I always add some type of fruits and nuts.  I enhanced this particular batch with lots of chopped walnuts, diced peaches and lots of cinnamon.  Top with Earth Balance.   If extra sweetness is desired, serve with agave nectar. Wanna splurge?  Top with Nutella OR Rawtella!

loving my splurge breakfast!


Katharine said...

I like a little peanut butter and pure grade B maple syrup over pancakes.

Deborah N said...

Sounds good. I use Earth Balance and agave nectar. Sometimes I cook up a blueberry compote, simple, very simple. I'll add it SOON to the blog.

Thanks for the comment.