Saturday, September 3, 2011


I finally got around to viewing the documentary, The Future of Food.  This is a must see film that is advertised as exposing the biotech threat to life on our planet. 
The premise: basically, power-hungry corporations are changing the food supply, injecting pesticides, viruses and invading genes into staple crops and destroying the livelihood of farmers, all in order to gain monopolistic control over the global food supply.
This documentary contains the testimony of family farmers, scientists, agricultural experts and numerous public documents.  It’s a story of a sellout for the almighty dollar.  (go figure, how novel)

Although this is a fairly old film, it's message is more important than ever.  There were parts, the destruction of the private farmers, that brought tears to my eyes.  This film brings a pause to your eating habits, makes you consider and reconsider what's best for OUR health, our country, our world (certainly NOT what the government is presenting).  It's so frustrating!

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