Saturday, September 24, 2011



On May 22, 2010, I blogged about THE GOLDEN CUP, located on John's Island, SC.  I was fortunate to dine several times at this establishment with great friends.  Pictured above are Barb, Max the owner and retired physician, myself, Ray and Nancy. 

Today I revisited THE GOLDEN CUP.  It is with a heavy heart that I share the news about Max's death.  He was a lovely man, had a great spirit and reveled in his second career.  Being Italian born and a resident of Conn., he knew how to deal with us northerners.  He thought outside the box.  SC has lost a great man.

His wife, Julia, is carrying on with the business and doing a great job.  THE GOLDEN CUP is now open for dinner.  It's still a great place to linger over coffee and get a well prepared breakfast (few and far between down here). 

a good latte

a specially requested egg and potato sandwich on whole wheat

the typical egg sandwich


The Golden Cup Café is named after a café in Rome, Italy with the same name: La Tazza d’Oro. This establishment, located in the heart of Rome, is almost two hundred years old.  The owner of the Golden Cup Café, Massimo Ubertini, referred to as Max, is originally from Italy but spent many years in Conn where he practiced medicine.  After retirement, Max moved to SC and partnered with Judy Anagnos in this restaurant venture. 
still my favorite / shrimp and grits with dill sauce

This morning the sides included a bowl of grits.  I found them much more palatable with the addition of the dill sauce.  They were totally accommodating.

before dill sauce

the addition of the dill sauce / delicious