Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So apparently the "BIG" one, Irene,  might be visiting Charleston (relevations???).  I admit, most people worry about batteries, water, candles, propane, etc. (lived in Florida during some tumultous times) .  My worries happen to be, GO FIGURE, FOOD and what will I eat and how creative can I be???

I have gone shopping, bought some supplies and have compiled a tentative list of my "in the dark" menues.  I'm wondering what others would do or have thought of.  As I persued the aisles of Publix, I thought of menus I would and could create with the lack of electricity and gas (boo hiss, my grill is electric),  keeping in mind my already filled freezer and pantry. 

These are some of my stockpiled items and my food ideas:

V-8 juice
I immediately hardboiled all of my eggs
Tuna in a bag
Can and Jar goods:
hummus (jars)
vegetarian refried beans
flatbreads and tortillas
crackers, Marys are my favorite
boxed almond milk
oatmeal (see my summer oatmeal blog)
almond butter
cashew butter
dried fruits and nuts
bag of apples and oranges
brewed coffee, we'll turn this into iced coffee
chest with ice
WINE - makes you forget about the lack of food

Thus I should have at the very least,  mexican wraps, tuna and egg salads, summer oatmeal, apples and nut butters and that all important morning coffee AND dinner vino.

I plan on using lots and lots of spices.  Any other ideas out there?  I was absolutely LOST in the grocery store.  :(


Anonymous said...

How is this about 'Vegetarian Food Quest' and you are recommending Tuna in a bag?!

Deborah N said...

REPEAT, I am a pesco vegetarian, facing a hurricane...I am NOT recommending anything. I am stocking up on foods that I could eat if I were in harsh conditions and would not have any food here and no gas, charcoal or electricity. Bagged tuna falls under that category for ME...not recommending it for anyone else. Live and let live.