Monday, August 8, 2011


1.  When I have an excess of fruit or it's reaching it's peak, I put it in a baggie and throw it the freezer.  This fruit (red or green grapes, strawberries, blueberries etc.) serves as the chiller in a nice glass of white wine on a sweltering summer day.

2.  Picked up this most useful tip at a Mumford's cooking class:  always place a wet paper towel under your cutting board.  The board will stay securely in place while you chop away, NO slippage.

3.  I used to waste so much celery because of its short crisper life.  After purchasing, remove celery from the plastic.  Wrap the celery in foil, covering all!  Celery will keep for a month .

4. The MOST amazing IPhone APP for grocery shopping, Grocery IQ, download it for free.  Keep an ongoing list on your phone, easy to use, convenient at the store.  Items can even be recorded store-specific.

5.  BULL NOSE clips are my new favorite kitchen tools.  I use these for securing open bags,  holding the plastic in place over my germinating seedlings, and the best...holding together my parchment paper food bundles.  Clip together the ends and no leakage.

6.  AND finally the newly released stamps for serious foodies:  Pioneers of American Industrial Design.  This is a true "Becky Homecky" stamp collection and pictures range from silverware to lamps.  I had to have them.

newly released stamp collection

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