Sunday, August 21, 2011


Don't forget CNN is running a special tonight at 8pm., The Last Heart Attack featuring an interview with Bill Clinton, burger eater turned vegan.

Meanwhile, read more about some of the cast of characters in this film that explores vegans on the silver screen:

Get insight as to why habits die hard!


Ray Underhill said...

I know plenty of meat eaters!!! Maybe Bill could be their role model.

Ray Underhill said...

Well, I have one for the Vegans, who is a great simple recipe. The recipe includes Pasta, Greens and mushrooms. Just add garlic and olive oil into a pan. Saute until a little brown add mushrooms. Wash spinach or Romain to add to the mushrooms and garlic. Once the mushrooms are cooked a little add spinach. Cook. The spinach and mushrooms create a nice liquid. Then finally, top with grated cheese and garnish with my favorite, cherry tomatoes, fresh from the garden. You can add pepper a little salt. I tend not too and still has a nice flavor.

Ray Underhill said...
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Ray Underhill said...

A news flash!!!! The Republicans have said "NO" to Bill Clinton's proposal on saving money by eating only veggies. They have responded "Yes to meat!!!" The cattle industry is delighted along with the health care industry!! Stocks will now resume their upward direction.