Monday, August 8, 2011


After spending 8 hrs. in a car today, I was able to throw this dinner together in no time.  Mark Bittman stated on the Today Show that this recipe was one of his top 4 quick meals.  This is a meal to fall back on when you're short of ingredients or time.

very few ingredients needed


1/2 pkg whole wheat pasta, I prefer linguine
olive oil
garlic (1 or 2) clove, minced or grated
4 eggs
pepper to taste
1 cup Parmesan cheese, I use the VEGAN substitute


Cook the pasta, drain.
Meanwhile cook the garlic in some olive oil.
Add the pasta to the oil and garlic.  Heat a bit, then break the eggs directly into the pasta and stir to break and cook the eggs.
Add pepper to taste.
Add the cheese and mix together.

serving this tonight with my favorite Italian Okra (in abundance after being away)

                                                       the first of many servings for me

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Anonymous said...

Apparently my Italian grandmother made this kind of thing a lot, minus the eggs, just oil and garlic and cheese. I told one of my uncles that was the way I liked spaghetti and he said my grandmother made it that way all the time. I think a yen for certain foods must be locked into your DNA. Bruce