Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Mexico is called huazontle


My cuz seems to be quite the adventurous cook.  Living in a big city sure helps to find these new and exotic ingredients.  Here's what she wrote about  HUAZONTLE.

"Ok so this is what I bought the market this morning.  Did a little more work on google and came up with what it was.  In Mexico is called huazontle, could be sorghum or pigweed in English.  There are plenty of recipes on  the Internet, just cooking with oil, garlic and lemon doesn't seem to be the answer. Most seem to involve some steaming.  Have to go back and read some more. Always glad to learn about a new vegetable. Apparently this is an American weed. "

I'm NOT convinced I could even find this vegetable here in SC - cooking here seems rather limited.  I was encouraged the other day to pass by an African market, hoping to stop in there one day on my travels. 

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