Saturday, July 7, 2012


WOW!  Summerfest was just as spectacular as I remembered it being.  I came back with a wealth of information, met many new people, collected an abundance of recipes from both professionals and non, purchased several cookbooks and once again, became even more inspired to live a plant-based lifestyle. 

I learned SO much:  who knew

...vegetarianism is thriving in Taiwan?

...the new exercise routine is the Chinese Wand (where do I sign up?) to travel and still eat well

...that 6 hospitals in Taiwan, including four large teaching hospitals serve ONLY a vegetarian diet, to patients, employees, and visitors

...that many vegetarians and vegans consume a junk food diet

...the strong link between diet and the top 15 diseases

...the link to pain management and food

...that Mark Reinfeld of Vegan Fusion is such a fabulous chef (the walnut encrusted tofu cutlets    smothered in mushroom gravy was heavenly)

...that chic peas could actually taste like tuna salad (made it just today, will share soon)

...that good plant-based nutrition needs to coexist with a more active lifestyle

...the medicinal value of cooked mushrooms

...the complexities of our digestive system - truly a work of art

...that vegans and vegetarians, alike, often eat processed foods / the new challenge

...that growing older can only get BETTER on a plant-based diet

...that so many vegetarians are overweight


After countless hours of lectures and over 8 hours of cooking demos, I am once again on the correct path.  I look forward to sharing many of the recipes that I was so fortunate to obtain.  In addition, I'll be working my way through some new cookbooks.  I've also purchased the Vitamix;  that will be a whole new adventure in food preparation.  Also, the garden is producing more than ever.  The plant-based journey is endless.


For making this conference an especially rewarding experience, a special thanks goes out to:

dinner companions one night, a doctor and his family; he was there to learn and confessed that he had not one course in nutrition

Chef AJ - very inspirational

George Eisman, RD - IT IS A NOBLE DIET!

Dreena Burton - makes sense with her recipes and cooking / THE BEST

Stephan Esser, MD - the facts are the facts! DYNAMIC

Michael Greger, MD - the latest in nutrition

Michael Klaper, MD  - tell it like it is

John Pierre - consults with Ellen Degeneres - very inspirational

Penny for her "carrot dawg" recipe

THANK YOU ALL!  You've all given me a lot to blog about.

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