Thursday, July 12, 2012


The Community Garden, Shrewsbury, NJ
check it out

This is the most amazing project.  I visited and supported this garden while I lived in NJ but it is OH so expanded.  Students of Rumson Country Day volunteer their time to plant and work this vegetable and herb garden.  These local students  work with nature learn the benefits of growing and helping those in need.  Hence, the name, From Seed to Need.  These students plant, water and maintain this now very large garden.  Seating is available for the public to rest and ponder. 

Check out their site and contribute if you can.

For those of you that may never see this garden nestled in a shopping center parking lot, I offer these pictures.

strawberries in containers

beautiful grapevine entryways

a place to sit and ponder

container gardening

neatly planned walkways

an abundance of flowers and producer

shopping center in site

beauteous palm

marigolds and Swiss chard

peach tree

I love this view


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