Monday, June 27, 2011


Recently read a great article in the local Natural Awakenings magazine.  The article talked about conscious eating with SUSTAINABLE HOME COOKING being connected to healthy home cooking and local food.  The writer cited the ten reason to get us going:

1.  It's economical
2.  It's safer
3.  It's healthier
4.  It tastes better
5.  It tastes like you want it to
6.  It's satisfying
7.  It makes reducing meat consumption easier
8.  It's a gift to future generations
9.  It enriches your life
10. It makes a statement

...written by Rich Sanders, a lifelong foodie /  read the full article:

In keeping with this theme, I just purchased another new cookbook:  CLEAN FOOD, Terry Walters.  This book is based on fresh produce and simple recipes.  It's a seasonal guide to eating close to the source and provides more than 200 recipes. Promises to be great.  I'll be sharing lots from this one.  :)

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