Thursday, June 16, 2011



I spent last night viewing a wonderful documentary that every American should watch.  The documentary, Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat makes some very strong nutritional statements.  It explores the issue from individual, political, scientific and cultural perspectives.  This video is a MUST SEE.

Some key points:
1.  Obesity causes 10,000 American deaths each year and plays a role in 1/3 of all cancer deaths.

2.  Sugar affects the same system of the brain that illegal drugs do.

3.  Sweet foods can induce a form of dependency. (watch Super Size Me for even more proof)

4.  The quantity of food has replaced the quality.

5.  People with the least amount of money are eating the worse nutritional foods.

6.  The travesty is: the least healthy calories are CHEAPER; the healthy foods cost more.  This documentary asks us to call it quits to food being a profit center. 

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