Thursday, June 30, 2011


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I originally got this idea during a lecture from a nutritionist in NJ.  I doubted it, I tried it, I love it!  The concept is that the soaking of the oats starts the germination process and provides a healthier option for your morning breakfast.

I make a bunch of these at a time.  They keep for days.    Here's my version:


1/2 cup old fashion Quaker oatmeal (definitely is not good using steel cut)
flax seeds, ground
fresh or frozen blueberries
pecans or other nut
chopped dried dates
almond milk
agave nectar, optional

DIRECTIONS:  make at least a day or more in advance

In each bowl place the oatmeal.  Add a tsp or two of ground flax seed.  Sprinkle with cinnamon.
Add berries, pecans and dates.
Add enough milk to cover all in the bowl.  Wrap with saran wrap and keep in the refrigerator.


Do not cook...serve chilled or set out a bit  at room temperature.  For an added boost of flavor, top with some agave nectar for sweetness.

assembly line production

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Achiever said...

hmmmm, think I will have this for breakfast today!