Sunday, July 3, 2011


I've met so many Charlestonians that have highly recommend the restaurant, the Noisy Oyster.  Today I was fortunate enough to dine there with 3 good friends.  We snagged a booth next to the open windows, made for interesting people watching!  Service was great and we totally enjoyed the extensive menu and our personal food choices.  Check out their site:

We started with a special appetizer, the Crab Crack - a 1 lb. mixture of Dungenous and snow crab with drawn butter...hmmmmm! and of course, hush puppies.  Gotta love that southern food.  After much deliberation, I finally had them make a combination of calamari atop a Caesar Salad.  Everyone agreed the food was delicious.  Check out the menu:

Yep, some healthy choices are available.    Fried food just goes so well with the red wine!

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