Sunday, July 17, 2011


As everyone knows, I'm on the hunt for the healthy version of Nutella = RAWTELLA.  Good luck America.  Frustrated here in the south. ;(  Not even Earth Fare or Whole Foods sells this product. (I guess it doesn't go well with fried foods?)

SOOOOO I figured I'd check the internet for alternatives.  Net Surfers BEWARE!  A site that shall remain nameless posted a recipe for their version of RAWTELLA.  Hey, sounded good, looked even better.  The dark chocolate luscious creamy mixture was flowing from the spoon.  Damn, I had to have some.  I did pause with some doubt; how could those 3 ingredients yield this amazing product?   that color?  that apparent texture?  Despite all my pause and hesitation, I took the plunge, invested quite a bit of money on:
raw hazelnuts, raw cocoa nibs AND coconut sugar! 

expensive ingredients assembled and I'm OH SO hopeful

this blogger says this is what HER product looked like with the 3 ingredients named above

soaked hazelnuts ready to be turned into one amazing product

here's the mess I actually got with the posted recipe
                                                             UGH UGH, double UGH!


Anonymous said...

Bet it would still taste good on toast or something. Can't go wrong with hazelnuts. Bruce

Deborah said...

I ended up putting some of it in a partial jar of almond butter BUT...UGH!!!!