Monday, July 25, 2011


Seven months ago, my realtor took me to lunch and I must confess, I had a very good meal.  On Saturday, I finally revisited The Bear E Patch in West Ashley.  I had high hopes this time as well.

their menu:

I arrived to a line of about 10 people.  Hmmm, curious, there were about 8 vacant tables.  A hostess finally showed us to a table.  The plastic cloth was soaking wet from the wiping down.  We cleaned it off. 

All I wanted was a simple lunch.  I ordered a cup of the Seafood Chowder, large and flavorful but oh so runny and devoid of ingredients.  I also had the small Greek Salad.  The components sounded oh so right, the olives, the feta, etc.  This salad was OH SO WRONG for so many reasons.  Unfortunately, we were able to watch the line cook make this one with his bare hands, not so pretty!  The dressing, not anywhere near Greek, was squeezed onto the already plated salad.  The lettuce was ALL wrong and cut into unmanageable chunks.  All and all, a disaster. 

Later I ran into friends that told me that they serve a hell of a good breakfast.  Well we shall see.  One day I just might have the nerve to go back.  Until then, I'm eating at home from MY GARDEN.

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